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Bruce and Selina go dancing … or rather, “boogieing”. Oh that 70s. 

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retrointroperspective said:
reasons why the bat and the cat are better than batman x talia?

Hi! I have actually made a lengthy response to this, but pretty much summing up why BatCat is better than all the ships.

Please note, while I will always champion Bruce and Selina’s relationship foremost, I also respect other ships. (Just wish DC would respect us … *grumble*)

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stay--thenight said:
I'm having a Batman themed wedding in a few months, and I've been looking everywhere for a particular comic for my officiant to "read" out of. The cover has Bruce and Selina on the cover (and if my memory serves me right, it's a wedding?) but I'm not finding anything similar. Any clues as to what issue it may be?

Congratulations to you and your partner! That is so exciting.

There are a lot of covers with Bruce and Selina but I can’t recall one featuring a wedding. A lot weddings involving Bruce and Selina have been dreams, but on Earth-2 it was real. Their wedding was featured in Superman Family 211.


Perhaps have a browse through the wedding tag? See if anything rings a bell.

Personally, some of the panels from The Brave and the Bold 197 (“The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne) would be lovely at a wedding. Guaranteed to be a tearjerker.

"Does this mean we have to start fighting?"

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Sorry I’ve been MIA

Just suddenly got really sick over the last three weeks, and it’s taken its toll on me. Hope to get back to a regular schedule soon.

—Jen. xo

50 shades of wayne….it’s safe by nebezial

I always wondered how no erotic fiction writer capitalised on the BatCat trope. It’s the perfect trope: gorgeous playboy billionaire with a dark secret and a master jewel thief with a taste for kink. Sound a little bit familiar? Well, at least Stjepan Sejic’s given us a teaser here – lolol.

Have to admit these two young actors are the only factors keeping me invested in the GOTHAM production … And Camren Bicondova’s resemblance to Michelle Pfeiffer still astounds me. :)

(via New ‘Gotham’ Set Photos Show Young Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle)


Batman Returns (1992)


Startling people since 1939.

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Anonymous said:
Hi. First off, let me congratulate you on your website. My question is, do you know if its true that writer, Sholly Fisch, will really be taking over Catwoman after issue #29 or just for that one? I have every single issue of all Selina's series, as well as the mini series and the one shots but when I heard that Ann Nocenti was going to take over (I did not like her writing on Green Arrow) I was forced to drop the book. I only picked up John Layman's #25. Anyway, love this website and thanks!

Thank you for your compliments! :)

Unfortunately I have hardly been following Catwoman in the New 52, so I only hear snippets of what’s going on. As I understand it, a rumour was going around last month that Sholly Fisch was to write #29, but I’ve seen DC’s solicitations for future issues and they are still labelling Ann Nocenti as the writer. I know—shit grrr bugger damn.