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Batman & Catwoman by Dan Brereton

Anonymous said:
Hi Jen! I continually enjoy your page here, so please keep up putting more Bruce & Selina stuff. My question is the following: I am hunting down a issue in which a purple clad Catwoman kidnaps Lois Lane and it seemed more like a friendly chat than an abduction (it wasn't from Hush). Do you know what comic and issue number that's in? Sorry, if this request seems a hassle; I just remember seeing that once & I wanted to get my hands on it. Thanks!

Hi there! Thank you for following the blog. :)

I believe the issue you’re after is Batman and Superman: World’s Finest #8?

Lois Lane and Catwoman make quite the dynamic duo, no?


Catwoman: Futures End #1 (2014)
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im-a-tumor said:
Are you psyched that Selina makes in appearance in the new Gotham show?

I thought I wasn’t before, but now that I’ve watched the first ep I am pretty much psyched up only for more appearances of Selina (and Bruce – together even)! What do you all think of it so far (if you’re following Gotham)?



By Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward

On this episode of The Arkham Sessions, we revisit the weird love triangle between Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle and…Batman. Will Bruce ever win Selina’s heart? Does he even really want to? And will he ever be able to look past her criminal history?
 When we last saw Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman, she was helping Batman save Gotham from the sinister Red Claw. Bruce was enamored by Miss Kyle, but she was far more into his dark, brooding alter ego. What seems like an unfortunate situation may also give Bruce the excuse he needs to keep Selina at arm’s length, preventing himself from getting hurt. Caring for someone who can’t care back means a strange sense of security for Bruce. If she can’t love him, she can’t hurt him, right? This emotional defense mechanism lends credence to idea that Bruce does, in fact, maintain at least some “Emotional Intelligence” we talked about in last week’s show. But just how much remains to be seen.

READ MORE - Is the Bruce Wayne persona Bruce’s way of compensating for his low Emotional Quotient?

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Cult of the Cat
The New Batman Adventures
Anonymous said:
Why do you think Bat & Cat have held up as being one of the top 3 or top ten superhero couple of all time

While I’d love to write a whole essay on this, I’ll narrow it down to a few factors: they are one of the most iconic, oldest, and romantic couples in comicdom.

The History

Firstly, Batman and Catwoman have been around since the 1940s (Batman first debuting in 1939, Catwoman a year later), more than enough time to enter the cultural consciousness of the world to become household names today. In countless forms of media and collateral their relationship has been explored (for better or worse) – comics, live action film and television, animation, video games, toys, books, and so on. I don’t think I can actually name another superhero couple who has had this much exposure across media the way Bruce and Selina have (bar Lois Lane and Superman—even my uncultured dad knows them!).

No other romantic interest of Batman’s is more iconic or talked about than his relationship with Catwoman. In fact, his character arc is very much centred by that relationship, right on the same tier as Alfred, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, and the Joker. Selina is essentially Bruce’s equal in every aspect.

The Romance

It’s such a unique yet classic love story, with all the elements and motifs that make it timeless and engaging: Forbidden love. Cultural / class differences. The attraction of opposites. The thrill of the chase. Friendship and camaraderieThe burden of loss and loneliness. Hope for redemption and happiness. 

Sure, on the surface, the brooding hero seeking to tame and reform the bad girl/femme fatale is the stuff of unhealthy tropefest legend. And yet Bruce and Selina manifest many of the classic ingredients for a great romance. They can be madly in love with each other, and it feels like they’re soulmates, it’s unexplainable but it’s so right – it’s destiny. Conversely, they might be “meant to be”, but other forces will drive them apart; lifelong passions may be repressed, yet still burn intensely, and create great tension. Their polarising “careers” and personalities also add nuance and complexity to their relationship, and when they do overcome said differences it makes their union that much more meaningful. Selina can make Bruce relax, laugh, and flirt, while Bruce sees the goodness in Selina. Just like how Jonah Nolan illustrated this dynamic through the ‘yin/yang” concept, Bruce and Selina balance each other out – they are more interesting and better people for being together. The fact they try so hard not to become vulnerable to love and joy makes them so human, and that is fundamentally what makes them so appealing to us.

In short, there’s a BatCat for every season.

good-girl-doesnt-fit-me-so-well said:
Hi, I asked fenrispenris if she knew any great batcat blogs, and she put me into yours. I was wondering if you had any other recommendations? Thank you 😊

Hi there! Thanks for following!

Other BatCat Tumblrs I recommend:

fuckyeahbatcat, blackbatpurplecat, batcatromanceporsiempre, baatcaat, thecatandthebat,  fuckyeahcatwomanbatmanbatcatweek

Sorry to see a few are inactive at the moment, but hopefully this will change!

You mean, Batman Adventures #34-36? They certainly brought new meaning to partners in crime. I will have to do a proper feature of this story arc – it’s wonderful, funny, heartbreaking stuff. I especially love the body language – you can see the conflicting emotions of Selina’s guilt and pleasure in just a few panels here already.

Thanks for the question, anon. :)

Have you read Batman/Superman #13 yet? Did you spot a certain Easter egg? :)