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The Bat and the Cat

Check out World’s Finest #8 for a precious few moments of the Earth-2 BatCat family


I’ve been reading the series on and off—most of the time I feel like I’m being fed measly breadcrumbs, but this issue is relatively more poignant, and genuinely so, than earlier ones in terms of Helena’s life with her parents.

Potential spoilers. You can see the related scans under the cut.

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Selina has a new year’s resolution …

—Batman: Li’l Gotham #4

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Someone explain to me how, in this game, Joker thinks “Talia” is Batman’s true love? Sorry Mr. J but that’s your best joke ever.

Simple. Paul Dini and the rest of the idiots at DC Entertainment thought SHE was going to be THE LOVE INTEREST in the next $1B Batman movie. Nolan sure trolled them.

In the end, MR J did us all a favor, didn’t he?

Not trying to downplay Talia as a love interest for Bruce, but every time there’s an attempt to downplay or even erase Selina as Bruce’s iconic love interest, it’s always about as successful as trying to remove Lois Lane as Superman’s iconic love interest. Ask the average Joe or Jane who Batman’s love interest is and I’m positive most would say ‘Catwoman’ as their default answer followed by ‘I don’t know.’

Even with Helena Wayne getting erased in the last continuity and giving the mainstream Batman a son with Talia, Bruce and Selina’s love and popularity with fans has lived on through the century!

A night on the town … goes awry.

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Anonymous said:
Why do you constantly feel the need to write long explanations about Anne Hathaway/Nolan's Catwoman? It's almost like you're defending her against nothing. Can't you just post and keep your opinions to yourself? Anne really is not the best Selina to everyone, and there's more of things involving Selina other than TDKR. Could you please start posting more comic panels and maybe even, dare I say, good fan art?? I've seen next to none if Darwyn Cooke's Catwoman. What gives?

Actually, I only feel the need to on the occasion. Even so, I won’t apologise for it; I know my followers tend to appreciate those posts, and if not then they can easily skip them since said posts are few, or unfollow the blog if they really prefer.

Granted I’ve a TDKR bias at the moment, but overall I have always aimed to keep this blog diverse—perhaps because of the recent home release, there’ve been a lot more TDKR posts in general to reblog. That said, I’ve posted just as many comic and fan art posts, if you check their tags.

I know the current blog layout is not ideal for finding things, so I appreciate your comment. There are a few coding changes I will be making soon to make that task much easier for newcomers and seasoned followers alike.

I love how this introduction scene also doubled as a “take that!” to all the sceptics re: the casting of Selina/Catwoman. You can see the clumsy, grinning, awkward and overexcited typecast Anne Hathaway of old, and then a few moments later a character totally transformed. It sets the foundation for a consistently brilliant performance by Anne.

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How about both?


Now what is Selina thinking, I wonder.